Govt to enact new laws for education sector

There is conflict between the federal and local governments in appointing school teachers

Kathmandu, December 24

The government has decided to bring three new acts in the education sector. It is working to formulate Education Act, Technical and Professional Act and Higher Education Umbrella Act.

Speaking at a programme organised by Education Journalists Group in the capital today, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel said, “After discussions with stakeholders and experts we realised that separate acts are required to ensure quality education.”

The ministry has done homework on issues to be included in those acts, according to Minister Pokharel. He said local government should lead school education, aided by provincial and federal governments.

Participants at the programme suggested for sound co-ordination between the three-tiers of government to improve quality of education in the country.

Finding of a research titled ‘Education in federalism: Best Practices, Opportunities and Challenges’ by Education Journalists Group was presented at the event. “Regular inspection and monitoring with active participation of parents and electronic attendance have helped in decreasing absenteeism of teachers at schools,” said Rajan Sharma, founding president of the group.

The research was conducted at 27 schools of 13 local levels across the country. It studied teachers’ management, training; attempts being made to enhance quality of education, role of communities in school education and improvement of school infrastructure.

Problems faced by schools have been solved by local governments. Federal structure has ended the need of making long journey to districts education offices by the members of school management committees. It has also eased the process of hearing complaints and decision making, according to the study.

“The local levels were found working actively to improve school education,” said Sharma. The research also revealed that local levels have been providing materials for early childhood care and development to help school children learn effectively. Pointing out the challenges of local levels in education sector, the researchers said there have been problems in appointment of teachers at schools. There is conflict between the federal government and local government regarding the appointment of teachers. The researchers suggested that federal education act be made and implemented at the earliest.