Govt to implement high-level commission’s report

Kathmandu, January 23

The government has decided to implement the recommendations of the high-level commission formed to investigate cases of land grab and misuse of public land.

Speaking at a press conference organised in Singha Durbar to announce the decisions of the recent Cabinet meeting, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Baskota said the government would strictly implement the report of the commission.

According to Baskota, the government will direct Guthi Sansthan to bring guthi land back to its name by ending the encroachment in accordance with Section 52 of the Guthi Sansthan Act.

The public land grabbed by various persons will also be brought under the ownership of the government. “The Cabinet has also decided to write to the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority to initiate action against government officials indicated by the commission for their collusion with land mafia,” said Baskota, who is also the government spokesperson.

The commission had recently submitted its report to the government. As per the commission’s terms of reference, it studied possible land grabs or misuse of land plots acquired by the government at different times across the country, and recommended necessary action to recover such land plots. It will also study possible misappropriation of land plots of guthis.

The commission has recommended the kind of action the government should take against individuals, office bearers or institutions facilitating or involved in land grab or misuse of land owned by the government and guthis and land acquired or confiscated by the government. It has also ascertained why recommendations made by such commissions in the past in relation to conservation of government-owned and public land plots could not be implemented.

In addition, the commission has recommend reforms in policy, laws, process, technology and structure related to land management. It has also advised the government how documents of public importance could be kept safe for future reference. It had gathered necessary information within its jurisdiction from the general public, authorities concerned and stakeholders, besides making field study, interrogating government officials, individuals, or experts to establish the facts.

The government has suspected possible grab/misuse of public land plots and those owned by government, guthis, airport, universities, irrigation projects, banks, sports grounds and multi-purpose buildings across the country.