Govt unveils National Education Policy

Kathmandu, December 11

The government today announced National Education Policy-2019 at a press conference organised in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

The policy envisions to guide the entire education sector in line with the federal democratic republic system of the country

The policy envisions educated, civilised, healthy and capable human resources and prosperity of the nation.

Compulsory and free basic education for all is one of the salient features of the policy.

The policy aims to make all levels of education competitive, technology friendly, employment oriented and productive.

As per the policy, the government will ensure each and every citizen’s access to compulsory and free basic education.

The policy aims to extend science and technology in higher education and has laid emphasis in producing technical manpower. “Nepal will be developed as an education hub that provides world-class education in specific subjects,” reads the policy. The policy mentions of including ayurveda in health subjects such as e-medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health and pharmacy. It also mentions of timely revision of teaching learning procedure, technology, process and curriculum.

The central concept of the policy is ‘Technical education for all.’ Under this concept, the government will provide technical and vocational education and skill development opportunities for interested citizens by strengthening institutional capacity of concerned agencies.

Institutional development will be done for sound co-ordination, grant distribution, quality assurance and accreditation, guideline determination, investigation and regulation of higher education, according to the policy. As per the policy all the staffers at schools will be appointed through the Teachers’ Service Commission, on merit basis. Professional code of conduct will be made for all teachers, principals and school staffers, according to the policy.

The policy has also mentioned that local government should effectively regulate private schools on the basis of guideline and work procedure formulated by the federal government.

The policy also envisions of education counselling services. “Performance evaluation of teachers will be based on learning achievements of students,” the policy reads.