Govt urged to implement its HR pledges

Kathmandu, November 20

National Human Rights Commission today urged the government to implement its commitment expressed during the second Universal Periodic Review of Nepal at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva earlier this month.

The constitutional body welcomed the government’s pledge to provide economic autonomy to NHRC in accordance with the Paris Principle and took positively Nepal’s overall response to the recommendations made during the UPR.

The Nepal UPR was held in Geneva from November 4-6, when 81 UN member-states had taken part in an interactive dialogue session and made as many as 196 recommendations.

Nepal expressed its commitment to implementing 148 recommendations. It rejected 18 recommendations saying these can’t be implemented due to Nepal’s legal and other compulsions.

Most of the recommendations that Nepal had taken positively relates to inclusion, equity, equality, and economic freedom, ending impunity, ending discriminatory practices and amending laws, strengthening marginalised communities, protecting disaster victims and eradicating discriminatory socio-cultural practices.

Likewise, Nepal also vowed to bring the perpetrators of human rights violations during the conflict to justice and end impunity.

“We would like to draw the attention of the government to effectively execute its pledges made during the UPR with due priority,” NHRC said in a statement today.