GPK back to where he belongs

Kathmandu, December 10:

After being hospitalised for four days, former Prime Minister and Nepali Congress president Girija Prasad Koirala returned back to his home on Wednesday.

“His health condition has been well improved to the baseline and he was discharged as he does not need to stay in hospital for the treatment but he still needs some rest,” said Dr Bhagawan Koirala, calling the party workers not to visit him till his complete recovery. Attending Dr Arjun Karki said that Koirala needed to take antibiotics for about next 10 days.

NC president, who was admitted at Shaheed Gangalal National Heart Centre on Sunday, was brought out on wheelchair from hospital’s bed to his car today. Then, he, who was using oxygen pipe, was lifted to his seat.

He was suggested taking rest for few days because of his feebleness, Dr. Karki said. “But he seems to start his public business after two couple of days.”

Koirala, who is a patient of chronic bronchitis, has been under the regular health check-up for past three years.

Doctors diagnosed that he was suffering from phenomena, a kind of chest infection this time and fever when he was admitted to the hospital. He suffered from the same problem in 2006.

Koirala, 87, was directly brought to the hospital after he complained uneasiness on his way to Kathmandu from Dhangadhi after addressing a mass meeting of awareness campaign organised by the NC. Earlier, he had addressed four mass meetings in the major cities of the country to boost the NC’s national awareness campaign.