Gutted Bagalamukhi shrine gets facelift, opens

LALITPUR: The Bagalamukhi Temple, which a caught fire on March 15, resumed the ritual prayers and is opened for public from today. Just yesterday, the tiara of goddess Bagalamukhi Mai was installed amidst a religious ceremony.

Hundreds of devotees have begun flooding into the temple after the resumption of service.

The inferno at the famous temple located in Patan had gutted the sanctum sanctorum and other physical properties worth millions of rupees. The fire was caused by short-circuit. Prayers and offerings in this one of the most revered temples had come to a grinding halt since then. It was the first time the temple was completely destroyed by fire, after the then Prime Minister Bhim SJB Rana had developed the original structure of the temple in 1988 BS. However, a major earthquake in 1990 BS had partially damaged the temple.

Binod Bhujel, an aide to the chief priest, said that the damaged temple was renovated at a total cost of Rs 1.1 million. People believe that Bagalamukhi Mai, also known as the goddess of justice, materialises their wishes.