Nepal made victim of external influence, laments Gyanendra Shah

KATHMANDU: Former King Gyanendra Shah has stated that Nepal's political situation in the past few years has made the country a victim of gross interference from outside forces.

Addressing the inauguration of International Birat Hindu Mahasammelan in Kathmandu today, Shah asked the citizens to question how and why Nepal landed in such an extreme and complicated situation.

“Nepal has a history of never having been subjugated. Nepal was the synonym of world peace, spirituality and tolerance. We must look back and ponder why and how have we become what we are today,” a statement issued by Shah's Secretariat quoted the former King as saying.

The former monarch also urged all to move ahead together to promote and embrace "our civilisation and culture, protecting the rich history Nepal owns."

Portraying that Nepal as a place where Hindus and Buddhist reside in harmony, Shah, however, lamented, "There are dark clouds hovering over the sky posing a big threat" to the cultures and the religions. He asked all to contribute in preserving it as well.

Meanwhile, the former King also stated that Hinduism needed new sight and new strength to walk on the old ones, to address necessary problems in the plain sight.

Acknowledging the Himalayas as the 'Deva Bhumi' (land of gods), Shah stated that spirituality in Hindu religion and philosophy is exemplary for the truth seekers.

“Truth remains truth, always in all ages and countries. This is what our Rishis have taught us, and mankind has gone through this experience."

"Our language, history, dharma, philosophy and culture are the assets, glory and life spirit of the country and society,” he said.

It was the former ruler's first public address after the abolition of monarchy in 2008.