Clean-up campaign

Bhaktapur: The Hanumante Reform Committee has begun a clean-up campaign of the Hanumante River in Bhaktapur.

“We have hired a dozer and 12 tippers to dig out the soil in the river,” informed Bishwo Ram Kawan, secretary of the Hanumante Reform Committee.  Debris and soil accumulated from different parts of the city in the river has stopped its flow, and the committee plans to shift the soil to Ittapako of Bhaktapur.

The Hanumante River flows into the Bagmati River, carrying its pollutants into Bagmati. “One of the reasons why Bagmati is so polluted is that the dirty water of the Hanumante drains into it. It is necessary to clean the river to keep the Bagmati clean,” Kawan said.

The committee also plans to put up flex boards to inform people about the clean-up campaign and increase public involvement with the campaign. “We plan to clean up one kilometre area, from Adarsha bridge to Maheshwori temple It may take a long time, but we will continue cleaning until the river is clean,” said Kawan