Hisila Yami, Krishna KC at odds?

Kathmandu, June 2:

A rift has surfaced between the Minister for Physical Planning and Works Hisila Yami and Krishna KC, chairman of a high-powered committee under the ministry.

On May 27, Secretary at the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works Purna Kadariya, at the order of Yami, issued a secret and urgent letter to KC, chairman of the Bagmati High-powered Committee for the Implementation and Monitoring of Sewerage Construction and Reforming Project, warning the latter to work as per the committee’s objectives and mandate.

“The Ministry has written to me alleging that I have gone beyond the mandate of the committee, but it has not specified how I violated it,” KC told this daily today.

KC accused Kadariya of misinforming the Minister. Several attempts to contact the secretary failed.

Minister Yami, however, insisted that the letter was sent just to encourage KC concentrate on his work so that his good deeds could bring

outstanding results. “He is so energetic and doing very well in his sector. We just wanted to help him,” she said, without saying how the mandate was violated.

Meanwhile, KC said the committee would punish anyone found to be encroaching the Bagmati river. He said a map of the river will be published on June 5 and the Bagmati Peace Festival observed. We will conduct a study on encroachment of the river after publication of the map. He informed that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and some 20 government officers had received the membership of the Bagmati Civilisation Integrated Development Fund.

KC also appealed to all Nepalis to be members of

the fund and contribute