Home Minister pledges to dismantle syndicate in every sector

KATHMANDU: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa said that syndicate in other sectors would be deconstructed as in the sector of transportation.

While addressing the first central assembly of the Nepal Public Transport Pvt Ltd Coordination Committee here today, the minister said practice of syndicate benefits only a handful of people and it must be destroyed if we want prosperity for all.

"An end to syndicate in public transport sector was urgent for prosperity of entrepreneurs and convenience of the public." As he said, some legal hurdles still persisted in the effective management of public transport service.

According to him, promotion of energy and transport sector would help the country find a faster way towards development.

Stating that China aspired to record a miracle in development efforts through 'One Belt One Road' initiative', he added that Nepal should learn from China about how to take the country towards development.

Committee Chair Hom Prakash Adhikari said transport entrepreneurs decided to go private by dissolving syndicate as they wished to make public transportation more systematic.

A total of 51 transport companies are associated with the committee.