Home ministry statement

Home ministry in a statement issued on Tuesday said that the announcement to reward the informants or those capturing the Maoist leaders, dead or alive, conforms to the provisions in Terrorism and Disruptive Activities (Control and Punishment) Act.

“The announcement to reward is in accordance with the Article 22 of the Terrorism and Disruptive Activities (Control and Punishment) Act 2002,” the statement said further clarifying: “It is inappropriate and unnecessary to misinterpret the announcement.”

“It is the foremost duty of the government to control terrorist activities, and ensure security,” said the statement. “The announcement of rewards to those who catch or help catch terrorists does not violate the rights guaranteed by the constitution.”

Meanwhile state minister for home Devendra Raj Kandel, appearing at the parliamentary State Affairs Committee (SAC) on Tuesday said that he was misquoted in reports that said that he had asked people to bring the heads of Maoist leaders and take back money in the same sack.

The government last week announced the rewards for Maoist heads which was protested by parties and rights activists. The parliamentary Foreign Affairs and Human Rights Committee on Sunday denounced the decision of the government to reward stating that such extreme step will jeopardise possibilities for peaceful resolution of the problem.