Kathmandu, September 12 The Development and Technology Committee of the Parliament today endorsed the bill on right to housing, which stipulates a provision of ‘appropriate housing facility’ to homeless Nepali citizens in accordance with the spirit of the constitution. The bill was drafted by the sub-committee under the committee led by Anil Kumar Jha. The sub-committee had completed clause-wise discussion on the bill. Lawmakers had registered 31 amendment proposals on the bill. “We will present the bill in the meeting of House of Representatives tomorrow,” said Jip Chhiring Lama, chairperson of committee. Anyone who has land under his/her or any family member’s name will not be entitled to the housing facility from the government, according to the bill. Only those persons who can’t manage housing from their earnings or their family’s members’ earnings and resources will get the housing facility from the government. Such a person has to declare that they don’t have any house or land and don’t have enough earnings to build a house. “Subsidised financial assistance shall be provided to the beneficiaries for the purpose of housing facilities. In case of highly disadvantaged beneficiaries who are not capable of making arrangements of housing with even the subsidised financial assistance, they shall be provided with housing facilities as prescribed,” the bill states. It requires the concerned local level to collect records of the beneficiaries for their detailed identification and living condition. “The local level shall issue an identity card to the concerned persons or families deemed eligible for housing facilities. The details of identity cards distributed by the local level shall be provided to the concerned provincial government and the MoUD,” the bill states. “To implement the housing plan, the federal and provincial governments will facilitate the local levels for required budget, human resources, and other technical support,” the bill states.   People can hand over the houses provided by the government after they build their own houses. The government should also allow temporary housing people displaced by natural disasters. If any one enjoys housing facilities by submitting bogus details or uses the housing for other purposes, he/she shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, or a fine of up to Rs 100,000, or both, the bill states.