House of Representatives Regulations-2075 passed with majority votes

KATHMANDU: Today's meeting of the Lower House has endorsed the House of Representatives Regulations, 2075 BS with majority votes.

The draft proposal for House of Representatives Regulations was tabled by Chairperson of Regulations Draft Committee, Krishna Bhakta Pokharel.

The Regulations have been developed to regulate and manage the operations of the House.

Lawmakers taking part in discussions on the draft proposal — Durga Poudel, Yashoda Gurung Subedi, Purna Kumari Subedi, Nara Bahadur Dhami and Minendra Prasad Rijal — suggested the endorsement of Regulations through a consensus. A total of 15 lawmakers registered six draft amendment proposals.

On the occasion, Committee Chair Pokharel ruled out any further discussion on the matter of suspension of lawmakers charged with criminal offence, as there already is a provision in place that such lawmakers will face discontinuation of facilities and perks entitled to them. "The issue will be settled after making federal laws," he said.

The lower house will next meet at 11:00 am on June 10.