HURON flays govt

KATHMANDU: The Human Rights Organisation of Nepal (HURON) on Monday criticised the recent government decision to declare 7,000 people as martyrs without seeking a national consensus. Issuing a press statement, HURON said the government had declared only the Maoists cadres as martyrs even though a number of innocent people, civil servants and activists of several political parties, including the NC and the UML, were killed during the insurgency. Saying that the decision was partial, the HURON called the government to declare martyrs in an impartial way. — HNS

TV health programme

KATHMANDU: Nepal CRS Company in association with Avenues Television is going to air a new programme ‘Avenues at Health’ from this week to generate health awareness among the general public. According to a press release issued by the company, the informative programme will focus on health problems faced by people in remote areas. The objective of the programme is to assist the government to solve health problems in the rural areas, the release said. — HNS

Plan for Women’s Day

KATHMANDU: Preparations are underway to celebrate the 99th World Women’s Day on March 8 in a grand manner. The day will be celebrated by organising various programmes. This year the slogan for the day is “All Nepalis’ One Appeal: Drafting of Women-friendly Constitution”. A meeting of the main committee of the National Women’s Commission, that will coordinate the events, also formed several sub committees to organise the events. The day will be celebrated with the coordination of the commission, ministry of women, children and social welfare and other government and non-government organisations.— RSS