HURON unruly

KATHMANDU: Human Rights Organisation of Nepal (HURON) on Friday condemned the looting of paddy belonging to farmers of Gulara and Chuhu VDCs in Dhangadhi and Hasuliya VDC in Kailali, this week. Issuing a press statement, HURON said, “The Maoist cadres, who looted the paddy, have violated the law and the interim constitution.” They have dishonoured the norms of human rights and individual freedom,” HURON said, urging the authorities to bring the culprits to books and return the looted crops to the farmers. It has also appealed the Maoist leadership to control unruly activities of their cadres. — HNS

Tundikhel turns toilet

KATHMANDU: The Tundikhel or the open air theatre in Kathmandu has turned into an open toilet. Commuters and street vendors have been using the area as open toilet. Nobody, not even the political parties, who frequent it for mass meetings, has given any heed to clean the area. Lila Bahadur Bhandari, a street vendor from Nuwakot, says the foul smell emanating from the human excreta is so intense that the commuters find it hard to walk through the area. — RSS