Traffic resumes

Madhyapur Thimi: Vehicular movement resumed on Lokanthali-Gatthaghar section of Araniko Highway on Friday afternoon when the tanker owner agreed to compensate the victims’ family. Locals had obstructed traffic in the section following the death of two women in a road mishap. “Radha Ghale Shrestha of Madhyapur Thimi-15 and an unidentified policewoman of around 23 years deputed at Mahendra Police Club had died when a tanker hit their scooter on Thursday evening,” — HNS

Ecological concern

KATHMANDU: Democratic National Youth Federation-Nepal, has shown serious concerns over haphazard and illegal extraction of sand from the rivers. Issuing a press release, DNYF-N mentioned that the illegal extraction of sand had caused the deterioration of underlying structure of the valley leading towards a damage of cultural and archeological monuments. Kathmandu Valley Youth Force has asked concerned authority to put an end to such an activity. — HNS

NC meet postponed

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party on Friday postponed its meeting slated for December 8 until further notice. Party Whip Shobhakar Parajuli, issuing a press statement, informed about the postponement. The PP’s meeting held on December 1 was postponed after NC Constituent Assembly members could not forge consensus on the provision of ‘deputy leader’ in its statue. A PP source said that the notice of postponement was issued on Friday when most NC lawmakers wanted to go to their districts in the wake of CA meeting postponement for a week. NC parliamentary party is yet to finalise its statue and elect its leader, seven months after the formation of the CA.—HNS