Envoy for equality

KATHMANDU: Danish ambassador to Nepal Finn Thilsted has expressed pleasure over the presence of a substantial number of women in the Constituent Assembly. “The CA is going to create the basis for a new Nepal with a new constitution securing inclusiveness, equality and equal opportunities for all,” Thilsted said on Friday. The envoy added that Danish people were able to create a balanced society with the equal participation of women. — HNS

Bid on wife’s life

KATHMANDU: The Inter-party Women’s Alliance on Friday urged the government to take action against Murari Shumsher Dhamala, accounts officer at the Kathmandu Revenue Office, for “attempting to kill his wife”. Blaming his wife, Ambika, for failing to give birth to a son, Dhamala had allegedly set her ablaze on May 22. The alliance has urged Dhamala to provide adequate compensation to Ambika. — HNS