Robocup contest

KATHMANDU: Paras Poudel, the event coordinator of the third National Robot Contest, has expressed hope that they can mobilise robots in Everest clean-up campaigns, too. The contest will be held at the Covered Hall of the Dasharath stadium on Saturday. The event organisers have made a replica of Everest in an area spanning 90 square metres. “We are thinking of using robots for industrial purposes,” he said on Friday. — HNS

Geologists’ meet

KATHMANDU: Geologists concerned about the possibility of devastating earthquake in Nepal have started looking for the ways to mitigate disaster. Speaking at a press conference organised by the Natural Disaster Study Center here on Friday, Associate Professor Dr. Hari Krishna Shrestha underlined that the irregular behavior displayed by snakes could be studied to predict the possibility. Prof Dr Jeev Raj Pokharel said that during a research conducted by the Department of Earthquake in China to monitor the peculiar behavior displayed by snakes in 26 December 2006 proved that the possibility of earthquake could be predicted. — RSS

Road construction

KATHMANDU: The meeting on Friday of the House of Representatives Development Committee directed the Government to give attention towards immediately constructing the Leguwa-Tumlingtar road in the East and the Bhalauwang-Pyuthan-Rolpa road in the Mid-West by including both the roads in the National Plan, as they were of long-term importance. The meeting was organised to discuss the progress and evaluation of the present state of the

Basantanpur-Chainpur-Khandbari, Hile-Bhojour, Leguwaghat-Tumlingtar, Urlabari-Bardanga-Biratnagar road in the east and the Surkhet-Jumla road. — RSS

Yadav nominated

KATHMANDU: The Government of Nepal has nominated Dr Ram Prakash Yadav the vice-chairman of the Poverty Alleviation Fund Board of Directors. According to the information given out at a press conference organised the Ministry of Information and Communications, Komal Prasad Ghimire and Damodar Khadka have been appointed to the Nepal Law Reforms Commission. — RSS