FNJ for republic

KATHMANDU: Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) has officially decided to support democratic republic. After the meeting of central working committee, chairman of the FNJ, Bishnu Nisthuri, said FNJ will actively support democratic republic. “We have decided that we are not going to support monarchy after undergoing the trauma of dictatorship,” he said. Any Nepali from an average social background can be the head of the state in the democratic republic system, he said. — HNS

Committee formed

KATHMANDU: A gathering of Inter Party Women’s Alliance (IPWA) on Sunday formed a 14-member Kathmandu District Committee. The IPWA Central meeting selected Bishnu Devi Pudhasaini of Nepali Congress as its president. The representatives of all eight parties except the Maoists’ are its members. Sahana Pradhan of the IPWA said the alliance network will be extended in all districts. In first phase, the committee network will be extended to 10 districts beginning from Lalitpur. — HNS