Tamangs’ concern

KATHMANDU: Tamangsaling Autonomous State Council (TASC), affiliated with the Federal Democratic National Forum, on Wednesday expressed concerns about the alleged enlistment of Tharus as Madhesis by the government. Issuing a press statement, the TASC also expressed condolence over the death of two Tharu protesters and a security personnel during Tharus’ protest in Chitwan. It also said the government’s act to enlist Tharus as Madhesis had attacked the historical identity of the Tharus. The TASC has also demanded the government to resolve the problems through talks. — HNS

Call to free activist

KATHMANDU: Himali Youth Forum Nepal (HYFN) on Wednesday expressed serious concern about the arrest of its Sindhupalchowk district committee member Mingmar Lama. Lama was arrested on December 3 for no apparent reason, the HYFN said in a press statement issued here on Wednesday. The police have kept him in custody at Metropolitan Police Range Hanumandhoka. The HYFN also claimed that the police had not allowed Lama’s family and friends to meet him. It has warned the government of agitation if Lama was not

released. — HNS