IN Briefs

Khameya festival ends

Bhaktapur: The Khameya Jatra, the famous ritual observed in Bhaktapur on the midnight before the start of Bijaya Dashami concluded according to the time honoured tradition at midnight on Sunday. This ritual is considered important from the religious and cultural point of view. The ritual is celebrated by killing a bull buffalo symbolizing the demon Mahisasur. As part of the ritual, a bull buffalo is fed with home-brewed liquor and it is chased from the Nawadurga shrine up to the Bramhayani temple at midnight. The intoxicated he-buffalo is then killed at the Bramhayani temple. A large number of people had thronged the temple to take a piece of flesh of this he-buffalo as an auspicious item. In accordance with the tradition, this piece of flesh is charred in fire, ground into powder and mixed with ghee to make special incense that is burnt on the night of the Laxmi Puja festival. It is believed that burning this specially prepared incense drives away evil spirits, destroys one''s enemies and brings prosperity to the entire family. — RSS

Prez's greetings

Kathmandu: President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav on Wednesday extended hearty greetings to all the Nepalese sisters and bothers at home and aboard on the auspicious occasion of the Bijaya Dashami, the greatest festival of the Nepalese. —RSS

Brahamayani fair

Bhaktapur: The Brahamayani fair that began on the night of the Mahanawami, the ninth day of the Dashain festival in Bhaktapur, concluded yesterday night. People of Newar community, especially of the Kathmandu Valley, celebrated the fair for 24 hours by offering buffalos, goats, ducks, hens, eggs and coconuts to the Brahamayani deity. The event was observed with elaborate rituals and fanfare. A large number of devotees from various places of the Kathmandu valley had gathered to observe the fair. — RSS

Dashain celebrated

Kathmandu: The 10th day of the Vijaya Dashain was celebrated all over the country on Monday with great enthusiasm by receiving Tika and blessings from elders. On the day of Vijaya Dashami, today, the Goddess of the festival was disposed off (Bisarjan) from 9:35 am and the auspicious hour of receiving Tika beganat 10:55 am. One does not need auspicious hour for receiving Prasad of Devi, but the time was fixed only for those who seek it, it is learnt. The worship of Sri Durga Bhawani at Dashainghars over nine days concludes formally on the day of Bijaya Dashami after the Abhishekh or sprinkling of holy water takes place marking the beginning of Tika. People receive Tika and Jamara till the full moon day. It is believed that one need not seek an auspicious hour if one undertakes any new assignment, campaign or journey on the auspicious day of Bijaya Dashami. — RSS

Condolence message

Kathmandu: The Nepali Congress (NC) party has expressed deep sorrow and grief over the death of 23 people and 63 others sustaining injuries in the collapse of a two-story shed at Seon Church at Victoria Chowk in Dharan last night. The shed at the church collapsed when there was a conference going on at the church. In a pres release today, the Nepali Congress prayed for eternal peace of the departed souls and also expressed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. The party has also wished speedy recovery of those who were injured in the incident. The Nepali Congress also called upon the government to carry out a proper investigation into the causes of the tragic incident. — RSS