Incentive scheme for women backfires

KATHMANDU: Women for Human Rights (WHR), an organisation working for rights of single women, brought to light increasing number of cases regarding negative impact of monetary incentives that had been provisioned in the budget for remarriage of single women.

Lily Thapa, founder president of WHR said that the decision was affecting personal lives of single women in various districts. Talking to The Himalayan Times, she informed that WHR had urged the Ministry of Finance, the National Planning Commission and the Home Ministry to withdraw the decision. However, “the government is indifferent; we have been protesting against the decision and also filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court,” she said.

Meanwhile, SC has also issued show cause notices to the government over the same. "The government could not implement the decision after the SC's intervention," she said. She further informed that WHR had been working to safeguard socio-cultural, economic, political and legal rights of single women in Nepal.