Increase in missing children cases baffles cops

Kathmandu, September 17

Of the 2,772 children reported missing in the country in the fiscal 2016-17, only 720 were found, according to a report. It shows that police are still trying to find out the whereabouts of the remaining 2,052 children.

As per data of National Centre for Children at Risk, 245 out of 311 missing children were found in Kathmandu Valley. Those found include 95 girls and 150 boys. A total of 123 girls and 188 boys were reported missing in the Valley. Of a total of 742 children who went missing from outside the Valley, 595 are still out of contact.

Police said the status of many children could not be known as they might have been engaged in domestic work, among other activities.

Santosh Chandra Adhikari,  spokesperson for NCCR, said that compared to boys, girls were more difficult to find.  Among the children reported missing, 1,725 were girls of whom only 367 were found.

“The missing girls could have been persuaded to work in houses, massage parlours, dance bars and cabin restaurants,” Adhikari said, adding, “Some rich and VIP people could have hired the girls and made it difficult for them to get back to their families.”

“We are unaware about the whereabouts of these children. We have no idea if they are living inside or outside the country. We are trying our best to trace them,” Adhikari said.

Despite various government and non government organisations working for welfare of children, cases related to abuse and disappearance of children are increasing. Data show that nearly six children go missing on a daily basis.