Incumbent government activities against democratic norms: UML

KATHMANDU: The CPN-UML on Thursday has drawn attention to the current incumbent government’s activities accusing the government of misappropriating power and infusing negative impact on country’s economy and administration.

Organising a press conference in Kathmandu, The CPN-UML remarked that the current government has gone against democratic norms by expanding ministerial berth, rampant appointment, transfer and promotion of bureaucrats, unchecked distribution of millions from national treasury, and by influencing the elections.

“As of now, around 1,000 public servants from the Office of the Prime Minister, National Reconstruction Authority, Finance Ministry and Ministry of Agriculture among others have been sent on foreign visits without a purpose adding to the expenses of national treasury,” the Party said, “this is just an example of economic malpractice.”

Moreover, the Party asserted that the government has added up to the financial liabilities of the government. According to CPN-UML, the government has increased liabilities through Voluntary Retirement Plan and programmes in Health Service sector. “Likewise, the government has failed to meet the revenue growth target as revenue has only grown by 17 per cent against the targeted 22 per cent growth,” the Party added.