Individual colleges to take FSU poll decisions

Kathmandu, February 17:

The student bodies contesting the Free Students’ Union (FSU) election slated for February 28 will participate in the polls in a friendly environment, as they did in previous elections, so as not to break up their campus-level alliance.

Kishor Singh Rathore, president of the Nepali Congress (Democratic)-affiliated Nepal Students’ Union, said all agreements would be made at the local levels.“The central leaders will not put pressure on individual campus units and all decisions will be taken at the local level,” Rathore said: “The eight student unions are bringing out a code of conduct in the next few days to conduct the elections smoothly.”

“The campus-level competitions between the student bodies will take place only if they cannot reach an agreement,” Rathore said.

The Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) today announced the formation of committees to strengthen its base for the forthcoming FSU elections.

The NSU, organising a press meet today, announced that it had endorsed the formation of a seven-member tribunal under Kishor Singh Rathore, a five-member mobilisation committee under general secretary Kiran Poudel, a three-member financial committee under joint general secretary Kalyan Kumar Gurung, and the promotion and publicity committee under the coordination of central member Ratna Bahadur Karki.