Industry minister urges inclusion of Maoists in govt

BHAKTAPUR: Minister for Industry, Mahendra Yadav today said that the new government would be incomplete without the participation of the Unified CPN- Maoists.

Inaugurating an eight-day long training programme organised by Nepal Ceramics Cooperatives (NCC) today, minister Yadav said that Maoists must join the government so that the government would get a complete shape.

Yadhav said, “The Maoist-led coalition toppled due to their own flaws as they could not comply with the politics of consensus.” He claimed that the present government would continue until it completed its major tasks— drafting the new constitution and integration of the Maoists combatants.”

Minister Yadhav also urged all the citizens to use the domestic products to promote the national economy.

“Nepali industry would flourish if every household used the local products,”he said.