Info on school grant plan disseminiated

Kathmandu, November 21:

The Department of Education (DoE) and Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) today disseminated information on types of grants meant for higher secondary schools, grant amounts and criteria for claiming the grants.

The DoE and HSEB made details of the grants public at a press meet.

The grants have been divided into three categories — basic, performance and matching grants. Each community higher secondary school will be eligible for basic grants worth Rs 1 million at maximum. “The grant amount depends on the number of pass-out students in an academic year,” said Janardan Sharma, director-general, DoE.

The grant amount will be Rs 4,000 per student. The HSEB will select 200 higher secondary schools, covering at least one school from each district for performance grants this year. This grant is worth Rs 1 million at maximum.

Matching grants will be Rs 0.8 million at maximum. The scheme will be applicable from next year.

“Under the project, a higher secondary school can obtain a maximum of Rs 2.8 million in grant,” said Prof Dr Upendra Kumar Koirala, vice chairman of the HSEB.