Kathmandu, January 13:

Devi Prasad Dhakal, who has been on a hunger strike at Bhadra Jail, today broke his fast as human rights activists and lawyers met with the jail administration and agreed to meet his demands.

Dhakal had been on a fast unto death since January 7, showing his solidarity with Matrika Yadav and Krishna Sen who too are on hunger stike since January 4.

The chairman of Human Rights Organisation of Nepal (HURON), Charan Prasai and the general secretary of Nepal Bar Association (NBA), Madhav Baskota, offered Dhakal juice, hence breaking his fast.

A 12-point agreement was worked out today between the jail administration and the striking inmates. According to the pact, the inmates will be allowed computers and newspapers facilities, will be able to petition clothes industries for better beddings, provided with sports equipment, vocational training, telephone facilities, and increased transportation allowances.

The agreement will be monitored by the HURON, the NBA and the Human Rights Journalist Association, a press statement released by HURON said today.

Meanwhile, the HURON today held a meeting to discuss the investigation into the 47 person who have reportedly disappeared from the Bhairav Nath Battalion. The meet agreed to file a habeas corpus case in the name of the 47 disappeared persons.