The key component of good governance is providing efficient public service delivery (PSD) to people. However, the country lacks this efficient system.

The major problems that come in the way of quality PSD are geographical terrain and incompetent staff employed in organisations engaged in giving services to the public. The Maoist insurgency is another factor that is crippling the already tormented effective PSD in the country.

“Insurgency is the main factor leading to the country’s deteriorating PSD. The Maoists are destroying the country’s infrastructure preventing people from enjoying available services,” said Chuda Raj Uprety, former president of the Public Administration Association of Nepal (PAAN). A lack of discussion between the government and administration has contributed to poor PSD, he added at the seventh national convention of PAAN.

Delivering PSD is a must but government staff in Maoist affected areas fear for their life. So how can they deliver good PSD to the locals, questioned MP and chairman of the State Affairs Committee, Hirdaya Ram Thani. The donor agencies try to find an easy way out by refraining from providing services to the residents of remote areas, he added.

Speakers at the programme stressed that the government has to form policies on PSD that are practical in the country instead of borrowing ideas from developed nations.

Existing rules and regulations should be effectively implemented, said president of PAAN Govind Prasad Dhakal. “Political patronage, a common element in the country, has promoted ineffective staffing in organisations that provide services to the public,” he said. He also pointed out that unless non-governmental organisations, civil society and local bodies are effectively mobilised in providing PSD to the public, not much can be achieved.

Speaking at the programme, minister of general administration, Khem Raj Bhatta Mayalu assured that the government’s commitment on providing effective PSD to the public.

Narottam Aryal, gold medalist of Tribhuwan University’s (TU) Public Administration, MA in 1999, was awarded at the programme.