Integration of PLA into NA opposed

Kathmandu, February 1:

Legal experts today strongly opposed integration of the PLA combatants into the Nepal Army.

“What should be done for the other armed groups if they also demanded the integration of their combatants into the national army?” questioned former president of the NBA, Harihar Dahal.

Addressing a programme on ‘Post Conflict Management of Combatants: International Perspectives’ organised by NBA’s International Law Committee, Dahal said that currently Maoists have been demanding PLA integration into the NA, later other groups might demand the same.

“Holding the CA polls is the most important thing than the management of PLA combatants,” Dahal said. Vice-president of the NBA, Hari Prasad Uprety, said it would be improper to induct anyone in the NA just because they have any political ideology.

Sher Bahadur KC, chairman of the NBA committee, said the government has done nothing though the statute recommends doing the needful to integrate PLA into the NA.