Intellectuals cry for stability

KATHMANDU: Intellectuals at a programme organised by the Nepal PhD Association stressed on the need for political stability for national development.

Dr Rajendra KC, president, NPA, said the country could not take developmental strides unless political situation improved. He also urged intellectuals to actively play their role towards that end.

Speaking at the first annual general meeting of the NPA, Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada, vice-chairman, National Planning Commission, said the government would give top priority to applied research institutes. “Moreover, scholars should not confine their knowledge to specific domains, but broaden their horizons,” said Khatiwada.

Prof Mana Prasad Wagle said that the role of intellectuals was very important to develop a nation. “The state should encourage them to contribute for national development.”

Dr Bhoj Bahadur Kshatri claimed that the government had not been able to mobilise intellectuals for development. If the government failed to attract them, brain drain would continue, he said.