Intellectuals seek 'maturity' in govt, leaders during deal with India

KATHMANDU: A group of Nepali intellectuals residing abroad have urged the government and Nepali political leaders to 'show maturity' while dealing with India in order to end the ongoing border blockade.

The Global Policy Forum for Nepal, established two months ago, said the problem should be settled through bilateral talks; however, the negotiations should be based on international laws and mutual interests.

Issuing a press statement, the GPFP, led by London-based international law professor Surya P Subedi, said, "Nepali political leaders should exercise caution and demonstrate statesmanship."

While maintaining that anti-Indian feelings in Nepal are not good in resolving the differences, it also urged the southern neighbour to "ensure that the rights of Nepal as a land-locked country under international law are respected, that the vulnerability of Nepal is recognised, and that the smooth flow of goods, including essential supplies, across the Indo-Nepal border remains unimpeded."

Meanwhile, the Forum expressed its will to "mediate or offer any assistance in a professional, objective and independent manner that is needed to resolve the differences" between the two countries as well as the government and agitating Madhes-based parties.

The Forum reiterated that Nepal should raise the issue of blockade before international judicial and quasi-judicial institutions.

"The Forum calls upon the Government of Nepal to engage in a meaningful dialogue to address the demands of the Madheshi people, to refrain from using violence against peaceful demonstrators, and to be prepared to move appropriate amendment proposals to the newly promulgated Constitution," the statement read.

It further requested the protesters to maintain peace in the protests and create and environments for talks.