IoM resident doctors launch strike in support of Govinda KC

KATHMANDU: Resident doctors of the Tribuvan University, Institute of Medicine have launched a strike demanding that the government immediately fulfill demands of Dr Govinda KC, who is in a fast-unto-death for last eight days.

Issuing a press statement today, the Nepal Resident Doctors Association, TU Teaching Hospital IoM, said they would not attend patients from Tuesday except those at the emergency ward and operation theatres of one of the largest hospitals of the nation.

They have already begun boycotting teaching learning activities at the IoM since Sunday, the organisation's President Dr Leison Maharjan and Secretary Dr Sachit Sharma informed in the statement.

The organisation had extended its support to Dr KC's strikes in the past as well.

The senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr KC had begun his ninth fast-unto-death putting forth four demands for reforms in Nepal’s medical education on September 26.

His demands include endorsement of the Nepal Medical Education Bill from the current House session, impeachment motion against the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Chief Lok Man Singh Karki and Commissioner Raj Narayan Pathak and implementation of the past agreements signed with him.

Dr Govinda KC’s fast-unto-death timeline.
Dr Govinda KC’s fast-unto-death timeline.

He had just ended the eighth fast-unto-death on July 25 after signing the four-point agreement with the government.

While breaking the fast in July, Dr KC had agreed to put off the demand of impeachment against Karki as the matter was under the jurisprudence of the Parliament and a proposal seeking discussion on the issue had already entered the Parliament.

But, Dr KC raised the issue again on September 10 as the proposal of public importance about his allegations against Karki had not been discussed in the House yet.

Nepali Congress lawmaker Gagan Kumar Thapa, seconded by another NC lawmaker Dhanaraj Gurung and CPN Maoist Centre lawmaker Shyam Shrestha, had registered the proposal at the House demanding that the legislative body discuss accusations made by Dr KC.

The proposal, however, was reportedly dropped as Thapa was made the Minister for Health in the incumbent government and a minister could not file such a motion at the House.