Kathmandu, August 22 The Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested a West African national with 1.6 kilograms of cocaine. Marcel Guehi, 35, (passport number 18 AT95514) of Ivory Coast, an alleged associate of a transnational drug racket, was taken into custody from Tribhuvan International Airport yesterday. The consignment of cocaine is said to be worth around Rs 50 million in international drug market. Investigation revealed that Guehi intended to smuggle the drug to India. NCB In-charge Deputy Inspector General Dinesh Amatya said undercover narco police tracked the drug carrier on the premises of TIA-based custom with a suitcase containing cocaine. As the NCB was already tipped about the bid to smuggle the drug through TIA, the officials arrested him and confiscated his suitcase. DIG Amatya informed that the cocaine was concealed in a false bottom of the suitcase, placed in between plywood wrapped with black carbon papers so that even x-ray machine of the airport would be unable to detect the contraband. Guehi had arrived in Kathmandu from Lagos of Nigeria via Qatar. He was allegedly tasked by his Nigerian boss with the responsibility of carrying the consignment of cocaine to the destination. Preliminary investigation suggested that he was set to travel to New Delhi, India, by bus today or the day after tomorrow. It was his first visit to Nepal. The NCB said further investigation into the transnational drug trafficking was under way. He has been charged under the Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act-1976. If convicted, the West African national will be liable to life imprisonment. Cocaine is often known as ‘rich person’s drug’ and is not consumed in Nepal due to its high price. It is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug and is commonly snorted, inhaled as smoked, or injected. Cocaine is a powerful addictive stimulant made from the leaves of coca plant native to South America, officials said.