JEP call to help empower janajatis

Kathmandu, August 27:

The executive director of the Janajati Empowerment Project (JEP), Dr Chaitanya Subba, has called on the janajati students to help put pressure on the government to empower the indigenous nationalities of the nation. Stating that the JEF is ready to help the students in their bids to empower the indigenous nationalities, he said the empowerment of the indigenous nationalities is the sole objective of the JEP. Subba made these remarks while inaugurating the office of the Limbu Students’ Forum in Kathmandu today.

A retired major general of the Royal Nepali Army, Kumar Phudong, said the students should play a vital role in securing certain political rights for the indigenous people in the upcoming constitution. “New Constitution is about to come,” he said, adding that the indigneous people should be clear about their political rights in the new constitution and fight for it. “The NEFIN should not work just like an NGO,” the LSF president, Suvash Palunga, said. He added, “It should also fight for the rights of all the indigenous nationalities of the nation.” The adviser to the LSF, Ramesh Lingden, said the Limbus should first clear all forms of absurdities and discriminations existing within the community.