#JusticeForNirmala protest rally at Maitighar

KATHMANDU: Activists, members of political parties and general public gathered at Maitighar Mandala today demanding that the state deliver justice to Nirmala Panta, a 13-year-old teenager from Kanchanpur who was raped and murdered a hundred and twenty-nine days ago.

Demonstrators used the slogan 'Government has been found but justice is still lost' in response to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's recent claim that the government is 'here, there, everywhere'. At the rally, protesters carried placards with the slogan 'justice delayed is justice denied'.

Police on Friday had intervened in a peaceful protest and arrested a dozen activists from Maitighar for pasting posters featuring Nirmala on utility poles.

The posters had initially ‘mysteriously appeared’ overnight, on the night following the installation of sponsored posters carrying Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s image, right next to those boards.