Karna defends Madhesi leaders' Delhi trip

KATHMANDU: Sadbhawana Party Co-Chairman Laxman Lal Karna said leaders of the United Madhesi Democratic Party, which his party is also a constituent of, visited Delhi for courtesy and it was their own initiation.

Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters' Club on Monday, Karna said the UDMF leaders were invited by none of Indian leaders and the they were visiting on their own expenses.

Some people accuse us of embarking on the visit upon invitation of Modi or the External Affairs Minister," he said, "But, we went to Delhi on our own expenses."

Meanwhile, Karna said the major political parties sent their three-point joint proposal on resolution of the current crisis to the Kathmandu-based Indian Embassy before informing the Madhesi leaders about that.

"The big parties talk about independence," the Madhesi leader said, "But, they forward their common view to Lainchaur before us. Is this their independence?"

He maintained that the internal problem should be settled within the nation.

He reiterated that the government was irresponsible for talks and was intentionally dillydallying the resolution.