Kartik Naach begins today

LALITPUR: Patan's popular Kartik Naach has begun in Lalitpur from Thursday evening.

The traditional dance based on the conducts of Lord Krishna takes place at the Patan Durbar Square. The management committee shared that the Kartik Naach would continue for 12 consecutive days.

Revellers from different places throng Patan to observe the special dance in these 12 days.

Committee Chairperson Kiran Manandhar said various castes and sub-castes of Newari community would participate in the cultural event.

He noted, "Scores of audience will gradually increase in later days of the event".

The Naach would conclude on the full moon day. Malla-era King Siddi Narsingh Malla is believed to have initiated the Kartik Naach some 375 years ago.