Kathmandu-based community hospitals not to get grants

KATHMANDU: With the passage of a Directive on Grants to Community Hospital by the Social Committee of the Council of Ministers, community hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley would not get grants.

Earlier, the district hospitals in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur used to receive the grants from the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry has said such a Directive was passed owing to the lack of criteria on the distribution of grants from the Ministry and haphazard expenses in the community hospitals in the Valley.

However, the community hospitals run out of the Kathmandu Valley in line with the existing new Directive would get the grants continuously.

Similarly, the hospitals run in the name of cooperatives and private limited, and making profits would not get the grants, said Mahendra Prasad Shrestha, Spokesperson of the Ministry.

The community hospitals claiming for the grants must be renewed every year, he added.