Kathmandu Metropolitan City has announced inoculation of Covid-19 jabs for elderly citizens above the age of 65 who had received their first. The said group will now be administered AstraZeneca vaccines on Monday and Tuesday.

Issuing a notice on Sunday, the metropolis stated that vaccination centres have been designated for the 32 ward offices of the Kathmandu metropolis and additional six centres have been allocated at various hospitals. The duration for vaccination will last from 10 am till 5 pm.

Around 1.3 million Nepalis above the age of 65 had received the first dose of AstraZeneca (Covishield) in March. The inability to deliver Covid-vaccines by Serum Institute of India had pushed million people in uncertainty for months.

Despite the circumstances, arrival of around 300,000 doses of surplus AstraZeneca vaccine from Bhutan on Friday and consignment of another 1.6 million AZ vaccines donated by Japan through COVAX facility has allowed the government to finally schedule the vaccination drive.

Of the 1.6 million doses to be received from Japan, 800,000 have arrived on Saturday and Sunday while the remaining doses will be arriving another week.

Vaccination centres have been established in all the wards of the metropolis.

Vaccination centres:

1 Nandi Radi School, Naxal
2 Sahari Swasthya Clinic Ward Office, Lazimpat
3 Ward office, Maharajgunj
4 Ward office, Chandol
5 Community health clinic Ward office, Hadigoan
6 Arunima school, Boudha
7 Sahari Swasthya Clinic Ward Office
8 Sahari Swasthya Clinic Ward Office
9 Anupam foodland, Battisputali
10 Ratna Rajya School
11 Bishwa Niketan School
12 Buddhamai hospital, Teku
13 Janaprabhat Sec. School, Kalimati
14 Ward office, Bhuwaneshori Temple
15 Community health clinic Ward office, Dallu
16 Banasthali higher secondary
17 Ward office
18 Sahari Swasthya Clinic Ward office
19 Ward office
20 Shanti Nikunja School, Maru
21 Tahabahal
22 Te Bahal
23 Om Bahal Chok
24 Tarani Baha:
25 Kanya Mandir School
26 Shanti Bidya graha, Lainchaur
27 Maha Boudha Chok
28 Ward office, City market
29 Bijay Smarak School, Dillibazaar
30 Gyaneshwor Chok
31 Bhimsen Sec. School
32 Ward office

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