Kathmandu police launch special security plan for festivals

KATHMANDU: Police have decided to adopt a special security arrangement for the forthcoming Dashain, Tihar and Chhath festivals in the Capital.

The greatest and longest festival of Nepalis, Dashain, is beginning on Saturday.

The special arrangement in three phases is aimed at making the security situation stronger and flawless, said Senior Superintendent of Police Bikram Singh Thapa, during a press conference held in the Capital on Friday.

SSP Thapa, who is the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, said, "It is not only for the security of people during the festivals, but also to ensure the security and safety of the people going home from the Capital city, and of those coming to home from abroad."

According to Thapa, more than 4,000 police personnel, including those in civvies, would be mobilised for the same.

The security arrangement ranges from the use of sniffer dogs to patrolling and cycle vigilance.

Even the market monitoring is intensified in coordination with the concerned district administrations and stakeholders.

"Theft, hooliganism, pickpocketing and gambling would be controlled with the vigilance, especially at the locations like border points, near/around banks and big shopping centres," he stated highlighting the strategies under the security arrangement.

Even the vehicles charging passengers excessive fares and those adulterating foods would not be spared, added Thapa.

Currently, police have established help desks at various nine places including Koteshwor, Kalanki, Balaju and Balkhu in the Valley to facilitate people moving out of the Valley for homes.