KATHMANDU: The ongoing reconstruction of roads in Kathmandu Valley has taken a pace with the smooth supply of petroleum products. The road construction was affected following short supply of petroleum products due to the Indian border blockade following the promulgation of Nepal's Constitution. Uttar Kumar Regmi, Chief at the Physical Infrastructure and Construction Department of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City said that the road construction would complete by mid-July. The road construction is taking place at Prayag Marga, Srinagar Marga, Aloknagar Marga and Aloktara Marga at Ward No 34, Madhya Marga at Ward No 10, and at Maijubahal Marga, Shram Marga, Shubha Marga, Maitri Marga, Uma Maheshwor Marga and Gauri Galli at Wrad No 7 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.