Khadga Gaon celebrates Bhadrakali jatra

Mudita Bajracharya

Kathmandu, May 23:

When people across the world observed Buddha Jayanti as a day of peace and non-violence villagers at the Khadga Gaon celebrated the second day of the five-day-long festival of Bhadrakali jatra today by offering sacrifice of animals to Bhadrakali. The festival started yesterday, a day before the Baisakh Purnima, by taking the idol of Bhadrakali after performing rituals there. During a night-long stay at Khadga Bhadrakali Naulin Mandir, most of the villagers from the nine wards of the Khadga Bhadrakali VDC offered goats, hens, ducks and eggs as offerings to the Bhadrakali goddess. Govinda Maharjan, a guthi member of the festival, with blood stained clothes said, “We have been celebrating this festival before the celebration of Buddha Jayanti began. This is a part of our tradition to sacrifice animals on this day when others observe Buddha Jayanti and preach non-violence.” “It has got nothing to do with paying disrespect to Buddhism. We equally respect Buddha,” he said. The festival holds significance to Newar, Chhetri and Sarki alike. They worship Bhadrakali goddess in their own manner.