Kathmandu, January 5:

A host of speakers at a function organised by the Khwopa Engineering College today emphasised the need to establish community colleges to make communities responsible for education.

“Decentralising education by giving authority to the community to run higher education will help reduce the burden on the government,” said Narayan Man Bijukchhe, Chairman of the Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party, inaugurating the sixth anniversary of the Khwopa Engineering College and third anniversary of Khwopa Poly-Technical Studies Corporation.

“It is only the academicians who can take the country on the road to progress,” said Bijukchhe, a member of the House of Representatives, adding that the community-run colleges would make education more affordable.

Chairman of the University Grant Commission, Prof Kamal Krishna Joshi said, “The commission is implementing programmes to ensure quality as well as diversity in education. It is also working to make education more accessible to every class and group of the society.”

“Establishment of the college by the locals has made education more accessible and easier to the local students,” said Chief District Officer of Bhaktapur, Babu Ram Lamichhane.

“The Khwopa Polytechnical Studies Corporation is a good example to show donors that providing quality education at affordable cost is possible,” said Surya Bahadur Saakha, Director of the Polytechnical Division under the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), adding, “It is helping the country by providing the technical education to the youths.”

Principal of the college Dr Rajan Suwal promised to accomplish the One House, One Graduate, objective of the college, along with the fulfillment of other expectations of the community.