Kiran seeks timely statute, threatens revolt

KATHMANDU: Claiming that the Unified CPN-Maoist is wholeheartedly involved in drafting the new constitution on time, vice-chairman of the party Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' reiterated that his party will certainly go for people's revolt if need be.

"We have nothing to hide and have been openly saying that we will go for people's revolt if timely statute is not in sight," he said while addressing a face-to-face organised by Jana Sanchar Abhiyan, here today. He said the people will revolt against the leaders if government fails to draft the statute on time. He, however, said the form of revolt was uncertain.

Kiran said his party wants drafting of new constitution and army integration to go simultaneously.

He accused that regressive forces have been conspiring to suppress the Maoist without drafting the new constitution.

He also maintained that his party was changing the structure of YCL.

"We are organising YCL in newer way." But UML's Youth Force formed to counter YCL is creating havoc in the society," he accused. "It's not YCL but Youth Force; the obstacle of peace process."

On the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPM), Kiran said, his party should lead the panel to make it effective.

On the change of guard, he said his party could not find solution through consensus so they are mulling over majority game in the parliament to topple the government. "But we are still undecided," he said.

He, however, claimed that positive developments have begun following the dialogue between his party and Nepali Congress leaders. "It was short but sweet," he said about meeting held on Sunday.

"Now we will also have talks with the CPN-UML," he added.