KMC disaster fund to be used for immediate response, relief


The executive of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has framed the ‘KMC Disaster Management Fund (Operation) Procedure, 2020’ for reduction and management of risks that are likely to result from natural and non-natural disasters in the metropolis.

KMC said the procedure was consistent with the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, 2017.

As per the procedure, there shall be a disaster management fund to manage, mobilise resources and means required for reduction and management of disasters that occur or are likely to occur in the metropolis.

“KMC shall open a separate bank account for collection and expenditure of amounts received by the fund. However, the prevailing market price of assistance received inkind as relief materials shall not be included in the bank account,” it says. The main objective of the fund is to mobilise relief in cash and kind, carry out search, rescue and relief operations for disaster affected persons at the local level, enable the metropolis to cope with disasters immediately, and facilitate disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response, recovery and rehabilitation works.

According to the procedure, the amount received or allocated by KMC and such amount provided voluntarily by other local levels, provincial government, federal government, governmental and non-governmental sectors, the general public, business fraternity, religious and charity organisations, civil society and political parties, among others, for disaster management shall be treated as income of the fund. Such amount may be credited to the bank account of the fund or handed over in cash to KMC.

The amount of the fund shall be spent to carry out immediate search and rescue at the onset of any disaster; distribute necessary medicines, food, drinking water, clothes, sanitation kits and educational materials to disaster affected persons; make temporary shelter or makeshift homes for the persons who are rendered homeless due to disaster; ensure medical treatment of persons injured or taken ill; provide assistance for last rites of persons killed in disasters; distribute cash relief as per the existing law; mobilise volunteers and medical teams for first-aid for cuts or other injuries, disposal of debris and waste generated from disaster, and procure equipment related to disaster early information system.

“The amount shall also be spent for resumption of communication and transport services at the onset of a disaster, capacity development and mobilisation of local disaster management volunteers, identification of vulnerable areas, post-disaster need assessment and other necessary activities,” the procedure reads.

“If the fund has a balance of less than Rs 10 million, the amount shall not be used for other purposes except emergency ones,” it adds.

Both relief in cash and goods or anyone of them may be provided to disaster affected persons on the ground of necessity and rationality after receiving applications along with details of loss of lives and property from the persons concerned.

“However, if it is not possible to submit an application for relief due to severe damage to property or injury, the local disaster management committee may provide the relief immediately by making a decision in this regard,” it says.

The procedure requires KMC to attach priority to women, children, senior citizens, helpless citizens and differently-abled persons while providing relief.