KMC plans to develop old settlements

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has formed four local committees to study socially and economically deprived old settlements in the city.

"As per the KMC plan of upgrading the socially and economically backward settlements in the city, we have formed committees in four areas," said Dr Babu Ram Gautam, chief, Public Health Section under the social welfare and education division of the KMC. "One more area is yet to be selected."

The committees will study the educational, economic, cultural and social status and development of Sabal Bahal (KMC-21), Tilganga (KMC-8), Dhalko (KMC-17), Ramghat (KMC-20) and Kankeshwori (KMC-19). "Most of the settlers in these areas are sweepers," said Gautam.

He said the squatters' settlements could not be included in the programme due to legal complexities. "We will find out the residents' status and launch a development package on the basis of the findings of the study," he added. "The projects will be implemented in the current fiscal."

However, the budget for the programme has not been allocated as the municipal council has failed to meet even to approve of the annual budget on time.