Koirala stresses need for ending factionalism in NC

Kathmandu, January 9

Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala today underscored the need for ending factionalism in the party.

Launching a book “Prajatantra Senani” edited by Balkrishna Dahal, Koirala indirectly expressed his desire to contest for party presidency in the 13th National General Convention to be held from March 3-6 in Kathmandu.

Koirala, without naming other leaders of his party, said that he had been a victim of tendency within the party to share positions, which made the party weak. “This tendency does not help run the party,” Koirala said.

Hinting at campaigns being run by various other leaders for the party’s office bearers positions, Koirala said, “They are ready to employ all strategies and want to grab the positions by hook or by crook.But I don’t understand what all this struggle is for?”

Stating that the party leaders lack discipline, Koirala suggested to the voters of the 13th NGC to cast their votes with caution. “You (party workers and leaders) should point out my weaknesses. I admit I have made mistakes, but others have made mistakes as well,” Koirala said. Koirala said he never encouraged factionalism in the party. “We should understand that the party organisation continues to exist even when we are all gone. BP Koirala and Ganeshman passed away a long time ago, but the party still exists,” he said.

He claimed that proportional inclusion could not be included in the new constitution earlier due to CPN-UML’s disagreement.

Meanwhile, NC’s second and third generation leaders today said the party needed a new leadership in changed context. Addressing a programme organised by Nepal Tarun Dal, Gagan Thapa said, “As we have before us the tall task of implementing the new constitution, the NC needs an able leadership. So, the old generation should now retire and make way for the younger generation.”