KUKL to construct processing plants near water sources


Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited, a public undertaking responsible for water supply in the Kathmandu valley, is all set to construct water processing plants near water sources in various places of the valley.

Earlier, water processing plants were located near distribution centres. Unprocessed water was being distributed in a few settlements.

KUKL is now constructing such centres close to water sources.

According to KUKL Chief Executive Officer Milan Shakya, the processing centres are being constructed close to the water sources now for supplying processed water to all places.

“A study has been initiated for this purpose in the Kathmandu valley,” he said. KUKL has been distributing water from 35 sources within the valley.

Shakya said the processing centres near water sources would be constructed in coordination with the local levels concerned.

So far, Tokha Municipality and Budhanilkantha Municipality have agreed to provide land for construction of water processing plants. Shakya added that coordination had been established with other municipalities in the valley to this end.