Kushe Aunshi, Father's Day being marked across Nepal

KATHMANDU: Kushe Aunshi is being celebrated across Nepal today by bringing Kush, a grass that is regarded as a symbol of purity, into the houses as per Hindu tradition.

The grass is used in various religious functions throughout the year.

The day is also celebrated as the Father's Day, paying respect and reverence to fathers with gifts and various delicacies.

The major market places in the Capital have been busy since this morning with people shopping sweets, fruits, and gifts for their dearly fathers.

Besides offering gifts and ritual foods, sons express their reverence towards their fathers by bowing to touch their feet with their foreheads.

Children who have lost their fathers, mark this holy day by visiting the Gokarneshwar Temple in Kathmandu and other sacred spots and worshiping to the deities where children of the deceased fathers also perform ‘Shraddha’ to honour their deceased dads.